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About the complex

The new Almazny office and warehouse complex, located on the shores of the largest lake in Kyiv, was built to meet the most modern requirements. Here you have the opportunity to rent not only the warehouse, but also a comfortable office space in a new 6-storey building overlooking the lake. The office and warehouse premises of Almazny will fully satisfy the needs for renting real estate for both large and small enterprises, thanks to a large selection of options for squaring the premises. The complex contains a parking lot for 150 cars, 3 elevators, a dining room, a restaurant, access to the beach, 24-hour security and video surveillance 24/7. For the convenience of employees and guests, a transfer is provided from the Chernihivska metro station.

Convenient location of the complex

Location within Kyiv - significant savings in transportation costs

The complex is located within the city of Kyiv, which provides significant savings in transport costs with regular deliveries of goods to consumers in the city. An analysis of the fuel costs of a fleet of 50 vehicles with a carrying capacity of 5 tons during the month, delivering from a warehouse located, for example, on the Brovarskaya district and a similar fleet of vehicles delivering goods from the Almazny complex, provides cost savings, only on fuel, in the amount of $28 000 and a reduction of 72,600 km in the total mileage of cars. Which in terms of savings on rent in the amount of $2 per square meter per month!!!

Modern technologies and energy efficiency

The Almazny complex was built using modern technologies and materials. The use of high-performance polyurethane PIR insulation with a thickness of 120 mm (corresponding to 250 mm of mineral wool) for wall panels and roof structures in combination with heat pumps allows you to maintain the desired temperature all year round (in winter the room is heated, in summer it is air-conditioned). To illuminate the premises, KRAFT Led lamps are used, which are characterized by high energy efficiency and performance.

All these elements together make it possible to save up to 60% of energy resources during the operation of the warehouse complex, compared with standard class "A" warehouse complexes using mineral wool insulation, fluorescent lighting and gas heating.


  • The area of the territory is 42693 sq. m;

  •  Warehouse class "A";

  •  Warehouse area "by floor" 13,200 sq. m;

  • The area of administrative and amenity premises of the warehouse is 1400 sq. m;

  • 17 gates with a floor level of +1.2 m, equipped with dock shelters and dock levelers;

  •  9 zero level gates;

  •  Loading on the floor - up to 6 t/sq. m;

  • Working ceiling height - 10.5 m;

  • Lack of columns in the forwarding zone;

  • Concrete floor with anti-dust coating;

  • Two independent power sources with a total capacity of 1.7 MW;

  • Environmentally friendly heating due to air-to-air heat pumps;

  • Walls made of high-performance energy-saving PIR insulated panels 120 mm;

  • Block of office premises;

  • Cafeteria with homemade food;

  • Aspiration fire alarm;

  • ESFR sprinkler fire extinguishing system that meets the requirements of DSTU EN 12845:2016;

  • Fenced guarded area 24/7;

  • Video surveillance system on the territory;

  • Warehouse and office in one place;

  • Freight business department of "Nova Poshta" (postal services without queues for residents of "Almazny")

  • Security guards;

The nature is right near you!

We invite you to a virtual tour of the "Almazny"

See for yourself what a unique place you can work in! Imagine… you have done a good job and you want to have a good rest. Already a few dozen meters from the office you will hear the soothing splash of lake waves. And avid fishermen have the opportunity to return from a break with a rich catch!
Read a fascinating book while hiding under an umbrella on a sandy beach. Close your eyes and listen to good music under the shade of pine trees. Taste your favorite dish while enjoying the amazing view from the summer terrace on the roof of the restaurant. "Almazny" makes nature closer!

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